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JustAccounts is a unique cloud based, completely personalisable accounting platform for contractor accountants that helps you maximise efficiency, establish and expand your brand and protect your client base.

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JustAccounts is the UK based cloud computing business providing accountant software specifically to contractor accountants.

With our Cross-Company functionality, you can reconcile hundreds of bank transactions, do a payroll run or submit VAT Cross-Company in just a few minutes, compared to the days of processing it would usually take.

Whats more, JustAccounts looks after your brand, the white label dashboard carries your logo and colors so that your brand is promoted every step of the way

You are safe in the knowledge that your contractor client data is owned by you only. This serves as a client migration deterrent, increasing your business value.

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JustAccounts at Accountex

“The concept of JustAccounts is that instead of having a retail product that the client chooses themselves, we sell to the accountant who then provides their client with a branded portal that’s specific to the client.”

“There’s also, on the back office, proficiency savings for the accountant because they can run reports across the whole client base, they can do batch processing like VAT returns, payroll, batch bank reconciliation and this really is unique to the JustAccounts solution.”

“The benefits of white labelling are that the solution locks your clients into you and your brand. JustAccounts doesn’t appear anywhere in the client’s ecosystem.”

JustAccounts at Accountex 2016

“JustAccounts uses the very best encryption technology. The channel between the accountant and the client is locked, so once that channel is open no-one else can get into it.”

“The extent of the JustAccounts system is the extent of your practice, and what that means is that in the single database you have all of your clients, what this allows JustAccounts to do is batch processing so for example when VAT returns are due, you cannot only submit one VAT return at a time all of the clients whose VAT returns are due will appear in a list and you simply click one button and they all get submitted.”

“JustAccounts is sold on a per client, per month basis, there’s no contract terms locking you in.”

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Contractor Accountant Specific

Contractor Accountant Hexagon

Built specifically for the UK contractor accountant to help deliver compliance, reduce costs and risks.

Your Business

Contractor Accountant Hexagon

Maximise efficiency, save time and money, grow your revenues.

Your Brand

Contractor Accountant Hexagon

Establish and expand your brand thanks to the white labelled dashboard, customise what your clients see and which actions they can perform on the platform.

Your Clients

Contractor Accountant Hexagon

Protect your client base from migration. You are the only owner of your client data.