White Labelled

"JustAccounts is a white labelled product that allows you to demonstrate the system as your brand, your logo and colour scheme so that your brand is promoted every step of the way."

"With the white label factor, we can set and design the theme of the system according to your colour scheme and logo."

"The branding does not stop there – we will also create a bespoke white label dashboard that your clients can log into and see for themselves. The dashboard designs can vary and change depending on what you desire."

"With JustAccounts you can manage the dashboard layout, button structures and authority of the end user."

"We can for example remove a tile you no longer use, we can customise the menu strip or we can even stop your client posting invoices and just allow them to save so you can review before posting."

"Finally, since JustAccounts is white labelled product we can customise and mask any emails that come out of the system, these can be masked as your own, with your chosen template."

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