What makes this platform unique:

In the Umbrella platform, manage your contractors easily, run payroll in a few clicks, give your clients the opportunity to upload documents and keep up to date with the state of their payroll with our mobile-responsive platform:

  • Manage leads, consultations and keep track of which consultants pass you clients.

  • Provide illustrations for take home pay and create employees quickly and easily.

  • Batch imports for employees and timesheets.

  • Online portals for employees.

  • Full reporting - Such as margin reports, starter and leaver reports and intermediary reports.

  • Bulk processing for Umbrella payrolls.

  • BACS files for any bank.

  • Full expenses submission and approval process.

  • Auto-Enrolment ready.

  • Supports all of the bookkeeping for your Umbrella company.

  • Training always available.

  • You can influence the platform’s roadmap by attending our user groups.

  • No set up fee! – You only pay for the contractors you put on the platform and nothing else.

Take a look at the videos below to find out more!


"Welcome to JustAccounts Umbrella Platform where you can manage your umbrella company and its employees with ease."

"From our Umbrella Dashboard your employee can submit a timesheet, view their timesheets and see if they have been approved by the accountant."


"You as the accountant can then view the timesheets as soon as they have been posted or alternatively take advantage of our Import Timesheet feature where you can import multiple timesheets with ease."

"Once you have imported your timesheets you can manage them on batch whether its creating an invoice or making them payable for the next payroll."

"Invoices can be per employee or for multiple employees and with a simple click of a button you can post and email it directly to the agency."

"As well as the invoicing, we can process employee and rechargeable expense, where applicable, including a mileage calculation that not only calculates the mileage for you but all keeps track of the accrued miles."

"Once you have received the payment you can proceed to the next stage and run a payroll for all the employees who have received a payment from their agency. As part of the payroll we can support accrued and advanced holiday pay. We can also deduct apprenticeship levy and JustAccounts is fully setup for auto enrolment."

"Finally, with JustAccounts you can submit the payroll to HMRC, generate a payslip and run a BACS report that will enable you to pay the employees."


"Welcome to JustAccounts Umbrella dashboard, where you can dictate how it looks and feels."

"What you can see is an example of what your dashboard may look like. From the dashboard, your Umbrella employee can submit a timesheet, view their timesheet and see if they have been approved by the accountant."


"You as the accountant can then view the timesheet as soon as they have been posted. The employees can only create timesheets for the contracts you enter, and they cannot create timesheets for the same period twice."

"The submission is easy, they can simply click on the timesheets tile. Proceed to create a new timesheet and then on the timesheet page they can use the quick entry button to add their hours and days work and then submit for you to approve."

"They can also view the payroll amount and date for any pending or completed payrolls."

"Through JustAccounts dashboard, you can send messages, allowing a full 360 communication."

"The documents tile will also display their payslips and pay statement, that will allow them to see their take home and the appropriate breakdowns."

"Finally, with JustAccounts, if you have employees who are entitled to expenses, they can submit for you to review before being processed in the payroll. From the dashboard, they can simply click on the expenses button and add the expenses they wish for you to review, prior to their next payroll."


"Welcome to JustAccounts Umbrella Onboarding Module, where you can transform a lead to a fully employed umbrella employee through our easy and straight forward process."

"Through JustAccounts you can use the system from the point of communicating with your prospect for the first time as well as provide them with a fully up to date illustration feature, which will display their potential take home in your umbrella company."


"Once you have taken your client through the illustration, you will then be able to progress to our make a joiner process, which will allow you to enter all the relevant information."

"The employee creation screen will allow you to enter all of the client’s personal information including National Insurance, P45 (If any) and many more."

"You will then be able to enter the administration details, such as what payroll group you want them included in, what dashboard you wish for them to see and the ability to enter an adhoc margin amount and bank details. You will also be able to add them into a pension scheme and include them in a holiday pay scheme."

"Finally, enter their contract details and submit to have the individual as one of the employees of your umbrella company. Once set up on JustAccounts, your client will automatically be emailed details that will allow them to access their dashboard."

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