What makes this platform unique:

The CPSC platform is a solution for those contractors who can’t go fully limited, nor do they want to stay as an umbrella employee. Easy processing and peace of mind for you!

  • Simple process from timesheet to payroll.

  • Automatically pull nominal balances into payroll.

  • Go from lead to company registration without leaving the platform.

  • CPSC includes illustration, data entering, company formation, registering with Companies House and setting up business bank accounts.

  • Batch process for Payroll, VAT and Bank Recs.

  • Cross-company timesheet import.

  • CPSC is easy to use for both accountant and contractors.

  • Can be personalised to fit your needs.

  • Training always available.

  • You can influence the platform’s roadmap by attending our user groups.

  • No set up fee! – You only pay for the contractors you put on the platform and nothing else.

Take a look at the videos below to find out more!


"Welcome to JustAccounts ‘Consolidated PSC’ dashboard, where you can dictate how it looks and feels."

"What you can see is an example of what your dashboard may look like. From your dashboard, your contractors can view their Net Pay for their most recent pay as well as their year to date figures showing their overall Gross, National Insurance, PAYE and the Net Pay."


"They can also see their Flat Rate VAT balance which will show them how much they have accumulated so far in this gain."

"The Payslips tile will display their payslips and how much they have been paid in each payroll. In the tile, if they choose to click on the individual payslip, the system will open the payslip in a different tab allowing them to see the selected payslip."

"Through JustAccounts if you have employees who are entitled to expenses, they can submit their expenses directly from the dashboard. Simply click on the expenses tile, followed by the appropriate expense category. From this screen, they can enter how much they spent, what type of expense it was and on what date the expense was incurred."

"They can also attach the receipt and give you a description of the expenses before saving the expense."


"The JustAccounts on-boarding module can transform a lead into a fully incorporated company through our easy and straight forward process."

"Through JustAccounts you can use the system from the point of communicating with your prospect for the first time as well as provide them with a fully up to date illustration feature that will display their potential take home."


"Once you have taken you client through the Illustration, you will then be ready to progress through our Startup module. The Startup module allows you to capture all of your clients’ personal information, log which of your services your client takes, capture all of the information you will need for setting up their company, their contracts and even logging any referrals you may have."

"You can even run a real-time limited company name check through our check availability button as well as requesting the incorporation through our partner company, E-Filing, all of this within JustAccounts."

"You can even send your clients one time access to the JustAccounts Startup module, which allows your client to enter all of their information themselves. Once everything has been completed, we will also provide you with a branded PDF export for you to send to your clients so they can confirm they are happy with all of the information."

"The on-boarding process in JustAccounts is linear, this means that you will not need to duplicate any information and at the end you can simply create a company onto your list of companies on JustAccounts."

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