VAT Returns

"The Cross-Company VAT Return allows you to process, submit and settle VAT Returns for multiple or individual companies with a click of button and directly submit to HMRC without ever needing to navigate away from JustAccounts."

"Within the Batch VAT screen you can dictate what period you are viewing, you can then select what stage of a VAT Return you wish to see and then you can see the list of companies for the selected criteria."

"Once the VAT Returns are calculated you can view the amount in Box 5 and 6 as well as the Tax Mode but if you wish to delve into more detail you can simply click on Details and view the individual Vat Return. In the individual VAT Return screen, you can select and view in detail what transactions are being used to calculate the return."

"Once you are happy with the figures you can progress to the submission stage, at which you can select individual companies or select All. Next you can submit up to 300 returns directly to HMRC using individual or agent credentials. JustAccounts will then provide a submission receipt per company for your ease of mind."

"A real-time status column will let you know whether you have been successful and if not don’t worry. We will do everything we can to let you know what went wrong."

"Finally, similar to submission you can settle the VAT Return for multiple companies in one go or if you prefer you can settle individually. This will complete the transaction postings and keep your books up to date."

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