"JustAccounts cross company reporting allows you to report on any data you enter on the system."

"On JustAccounts you can go into the reports section and run any of the pre-loaded reports which we provide to everyone. It’s easy and simple to run your chosen report, just go into the reports page and click on the report you wish to run and then it will load automatically in a new tab. If there are date conditions on the report you will be able to set these in the pop up window. This means that you can view the exact data you require."

"The reports can be exported in your desired format and analysed outside JustAccounts. Simply select save from the menu bar and choose the format which you require from the drop-down box. You can export the data in any format from PDF to CSV!"

"If you require something more specific then you can use JustAccounts’ wonderful query tool. To access the query tool just go into the query page and select create query. In the query screen, you can select the entities you wish to report on, add conditions and then execute to see the result of your query. Similar to reports you can export the query as a spreadsheet or save it for future usage."

"Finally, if you require a more detailed or specific report, we at JustAccounts would be happy to look into creating any reports for you."

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