Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

"Welcome to JustAccounts CIS feature which has been designed to make your management of construction clients easier and smoother."

"Within JustAccounts you can communicate to HMRC and verify the employee of the limited company or its sub-contractors. Find out the status of their CIS scheme and manage invoices accordingly."

"We will automatically add deductions to the invoices and manage the company from a book-keeping aspect too. You will not need to do any manual calculations or posting as JustAccounts will do that for you."

"Every month you can submit the CIS Deduction to HMRC directly through our RTI Feature. We also have CIS300 submission built into JustAccounts so you can simply calculate the amount, view it and submit to HMRC."

"If you deal with Sole Traders we can also generate a CIS Statement that you can provide to your client."

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