Bank Reconciliation

"With JustAccounts’ bank reconciliation feature you can manually reconcile a bank statement, import your client's bank statements directly or alternative import directly from APS Cashplus or Yodlee thanks to our professional partnerships."

"The bank reconciliation is easy and simple to use. You can begin using our import preview, so you can confirm your transactions before you begin your reconciliation process."

"You can then enter your opening and closing balances as well as filtering the transactions to your desire. The bank reconciliation feature will auto match import transactions and account transactions against each other if it finds a direct link between the amount and the date. You can also match multiple transactions against one another if there is no correlation, for example, due to a split payment."

"In JustAccounts if there is an imported transaction on the statements which is not originally in the system, you can create the transaction straight from the same screen. To do this click on create next to the imported transaction and run through our simple wizard. For example, if it’s an expense you can select expense account transaction, add all of the appropriate information, and then finish by creating."

"In JustAccounts, you can also set up rules that will automatically create account transactions from an import. This can save you time on transactions that your clients regularly incur by automatically creating and matching without you having to do anything."

"If you think you have made an error or spotted a mistake, don’t worry, the bank reconciliation screen is easy and simple to use and can correct errors easily, to make the process easy and stress free."

"When you're happy, confirm the statement as reconciled."

"Finally, if you happen to have Cross-Company bank statements, in JustAccounts you can use our Cross-Company option and import all the statement transactions at the same time."

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