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We blog about a variety of things, including:

  • Hints and tips on how to face the changes a new legislation can bring, to HMRC, tax, compliance and other relevant news.

  • Explaining the JustAccounts software more in detail, which features can help you more and which new modules you can expect in future.

  • Special blogs in which you get to know the JustAccounts team outside their office role. Did you know we have a serial board-gamer who is also a pizza chef, a fire breather, a jazz singer, several rugby players, marathon runners and many more surprising people amongst our staff?

  • Some insight on the JustAccounts life, so you get to see what we do as a team when we go on our team building or brainstorming days and the events we organise for our clients.

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Simone, Customer Support

Welcome back to ‘Meet JA!’ This week we spy on Simone, one of ‘the voices of JA’. Simone is the one you talk to when your query gets escalated, one of our platform JEDI’s, she who knows how to solve all your platform problems. Outside of JA, Simone loves crafty activities and spending time with her two dogs. But over to her!

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Kilian Fitzsimmons-Wilson Blog Header

Kilian, Commercial Director

Welcome back to the ‘Meet JA’ blog series! This week we managed to get hold of our Commercial Director Kilian Fitzsimmons Wilson. Kilian joined the team mid-2016, and outside of JA he is a family man who likes playing golf and hanging out with friends. But enough with us telling you about him, and over to him!

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How to Amplify Your Accountancy Content Using Influencers

The way accountants market to their customers has massively changed over the last decade and gone are the days where accountants would solely rely on local business. With advancements in technology the accountancy market has evolved and by doing so, it has become a highly competitive place meaning more and more companies are turning to digital marketing to get ahead of their competitors.

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