We are experts in software, cloud and accountancy, so we created a cloud-based accountancy software which help​s​ contractor accountants grow​,​ whilst making the most of their time and resources.

​JustAccounts is a UK based company offering an integrated platform which enables Contractor Accountants to provide client-facing solutions with powerful efficiency and efficacy.

We have always understood the valu​e of the work​ ​delivered by ​accountants to the contractor community across the UK, and we are focused on continually helping our clients to establish better client relationships, automation, scalability, and compliance, to enable and support their business growth.

We take pride in the interaction with our clients during the R&D process, which has ultimately shaped the product available today.
We continually invest in innovation and always include our customers’ feedback and suggestions in the platform roadmap.

Our main mission is helping our clients to grow fast, maximise their own time and resources, and be ready to scale up when the time is right.