Jenna Winstanley, Marketing Assistant

Welcome back to the ‘Meet JA’ series of interviews from the wonderful staff we have at JustAccounts. This time we have an interview from Jenna, who we go to with everything Social Media!

Name: Jenna Winstanley

Position: Marketing Assistant

What do you do/ look after at JustAccounts? I help Francesca with all aspects of marketing, I help with the marketing campaigns and events and do the majority of JA’s work on social media. I also design and send out emails including the JA News, release notes and webinar information.

What interesting/relevant prior experience do you have in this area/field? I have done Sales and Marketing before starting at JustAccounts.

What interesting or relevant studies have you undertaken in this area/field? I have completed a business apprenticeship that focused on Sales and Marketing. Then I was looking for an apprenticeship to point me directly into a marketing career!

What is your favourite colour? Red

What is your favourite drink? Tea

What is your favourite food or sweets? Pizza

Would you share a some photos of you as a child? Yes


What is your zodiac sign? Sagittarius

Describe yourself in 5 words? Chatty, Generous, Funny, Independent and Caring.

You have been asked to choose a country to spend six months in. If you didn’t have to worry about cost where would that be? America (New York).

Do you watch or do any sports? I don’t really play any sports but me and my family always get together to watch Rugby League.

Please tell me a bit more about what makes you you? I used to do all types of dancing including tap, ballet and jazz and I loved performing and still do (sometimes).

How did you get into it? How long has it been? Have you got a favourite moment / time doing this thing that you would like to share? What do you enjoy most about it? Have you won any awards at this? I got into it when I was about 3, my mum used to take me to lessons every Tuesday night and Saturday morning. I did this for around 12 years until I was 15.

My favourite moment was when i was around 5, I did a dance competition and my piece was the scarecrow from The Wizard of Oz, I came 2nd place and I still have the certificate now! It’s one of my first memories.

Thanks Jenna! 🙂

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