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We had a great time at AccountEX this year, discussing the product and talking about potential opportunities in Umbrella and Making Tax Digital.

“My name is Barry Florida-James, I’m the Founder and MD of JustAccounts.”

“JustAccounts is a fully functioning back office for accountants, that includes bookkeeping and payroll and a portal for the client that’s branded to the accountants.”

“I’m Kilian Fitzsimmons-Wilson, Commercial Director for JustAccounts.”

“The opportunities got bigger, the opportunities changed. The last 12 months I’ve seen a lot of change in our market place and with that change comes opportunity. So, we’ve seen a lot of our client base change in the way they look after their clients, what their requirements are and the good news for us is we’re agile enough to change with them. A good example would be people moving from PSC to Umbrella with some recent legislation changes.”

“The products designed to scale, we enable businesses to cater for more clients with less headcount basically. Make the business efficient, more profitable and strategize for an exit for a lot of our guys, a lot of our customers are more commercial. They want to come in, go through a certain tenure, make a certain amount of money and exit, our software allows that flexibility within how they build themselves, how they structure and how they exit.”

“JustAccounts is a little bit different to our competitor’s software because it’s all bespoke. So you’ll see a lot of retail products here at AccountEX this year that’s the same software for everybody, they get the same instance, same type of client, the same type of software, they all use it in the same way. Ours is more bespoke, so we develop to the customers’ requirements, we’ve seen a lot of requests for ‘Can our client do this?’, ‘Can they do that?’, ‘I want to have that input in how my client works with their accounts’, so that bespoke software works really well for us.”

“In the last year, we’ve been focusing particularly on the App development, so we’ve released an App which is a cut-down version of the full application, but does the things that the clients need to do most. So, you can tap and take pictures of your receipts, you can invoice from the App and you can also add your expenses there. That feeds into the back office, where the accountant has the full power of the JustAccounts solution.”

“I’ve been in the Industry for 7 years and the opportunity with JustAccounts came around this time last year. I think I saw the opportunity to be flexible and be more agile, I’ve realised this sectors moving at amazing speed, the amount of legislation changes alone in the last 12 months is staggering and the next 12 months to come, it’s that responsiveness and that agility is what excited me towards JustAccounts really.”

“What’s really exciting now is when I walk into the office, this time last year we had about 16 people, now we have about 34 people and a lot of those are office based, so we’ve got a real hot bed of development talent. When I walk in, the guys are always talking about what we can do with apps and I just let them run free with ideas. A lot of things we build and then throw away, but in the end, I think you’ll see we’re building a product for the future.”

“We’ve made some changes to our processes and our team structure over the last 12 months or so, which means we’ve got more attentive account management processes in place. That means we are getting closer to our clients, the clients know us better and we are able to help enable their growth by working closer together.”

“Our account managers speak to their clients and the respective accounts most days and we feel those responses, we feel the changes within their business and we make changes to ours accordingly.”

“What I’m really proud of is the client base, the retention is 100% over the last 12 months, we haven’t lost a single client and with that we’ve actually helped the business grow. One of our clients, Generate Accounting, they’ve gone from having 500 clients to 2500 clients and that’s through the growth and partnerships that JustAccounts has offered.”

“We’re talking to existing clients about new directions for the product and we’re also talking to new clients about what they would like to see and the expansion. Particularly around areas like Making Tax Digital, so there’s a lot of opportunity in the compliance area and we see ourselves as a real part of that future.”

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