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“Welcome to Smiths Contractor Accountant services.”

“Meet Phil, a hardworking accountant here at Smiths.”

“Like many accountants out there, Phil works with many different clients and managing them all includes a never-ending pile of paperwork and excel spreadsheets”

“Unfortunately, his hard work doesn’t always pay off, Phil’s clients get frustrated as they require real-time updates on their finances and as a result they migrate elsewhere leaving Phil burnt out with fewer clients and opportunities that he can’t support.”

“Luckily for Phil and the other contractor accountants there is a solution to this problem”

“JustAccounts is the UK based cloud computing business that provides accountant software specifically to contractor accountants”

“An amazing thing about JustAccounts is its cross-company functionality, meaning for example that Phil can now reconcile 100’s of bank transactions do a payroll run or submit vat cross company in just a few minutes compared to the days of processing it would usually take, saving Phil precious time.”

“Consider this, with just 12 staff, Smiths Contractor Accountants service would normally only have been able to manage up to 450 contractors but with JustAccounts they can now manage up to 2500 contractors.”

“On top of this it’s so simple to keep in touch with clients, Phil and his contractors can work real time on the same sets of accounts.”

“What’s more, JustAccounts looks after Phil’s brand, the white label dashboard carries his logo and colours so that the smiths brand is promoted to his contractors every step of the way.”

“JustAccounts leaves Phil safe in the knowledge that his contractor client data is owed by him and not his clients. This serves as a client migration deterrent, increasing Phil’s business value.”

“JustAccounts, taking care of your business your brand your clients.”

Call us now and quote Phil to get one month free of charge.”

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